A Bit of Excitement

Hello, everyone! Bruce and I have been so busy as we try to get back into the swing of life after our month-long Maine excursion. Although we love heading away for our adventures, coming home often means playing catch up with everything we put on the back burner.

Read on to hear what we’ve been up to, a bicycle ride that wasn’t to be, and an exciting announcement.

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(Massachusetts) Glamping Days 12 and 13: Bone Tired and Cold

We had a wonderful day in Boston and saw so much of what we wanted to see. We could easily go again, stopping at more museums and visitor’s centers, but if we only get here once, I feel we did a good job! However, we walked over 7 miles, which is tough on Bruce. And the weather has turned colder. And it rained in the night despite a “no rain” forecast. Thus, we are tired and cold – and just about ready to call an end to this adventure.

To learn more about our Boston trip and our last day in Cape Cod, read on.

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(Massachusetts) Glamping Day 9: The Land of the Optional R

This morning, we woke to the rain storm we knew was coming our way. It was wonderful to be in a hotel rather than in a tent – especially since we were moving today. There is nothing worse than having to pack up wet gear.

To learn where “The Land of the Optional R” is and where we’ve landed, read on.

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Maine Glamping Day 7: Do We Need a Name Change?

Today, after a quick breakfast, we headed to a lighthouse and then LL Bean. Then, we went west and eventually landed in Vermont. Although we will make one last visit in Maine tomorrow, the rest of the trip will be as we begin heading south and closer to home. Instead of Maine Glamping, I guess I will just call it glamping? I certainly don’t want to mislead anyone!

Read on to see the lighthouse photos, learn what we found at LL Bean, and then see what we found quite by accident on our way to Vermont.

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Maine Glamping: Days 4, 5, and 6

Quiet. Restful. Beautiful. Fun. Enjoyable. Unforgettable. These are just a few of the adjectives to describe the last three days. However, if you are here only for the tandem rides, then you will be disappointed – we kayaked and wandered. Bruce did a couple of single-butted rides. And I went whale watching.

To find out all the ins and outs as well as the “what nexts”, read on!

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Maine Glamping: Days 1, 2, and 3

As advertised, I haven’t been writing daily, though there has been plenty to tell! Unfortunately, there is very weak Verizon connection throughout the island, so getting a post out has been difficult. This one isn’t actually going out until the morning of Day 4 – If I’m lucky!

To find out what’s been keeping us occupied, read on.

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The Maine Event: The Wrap Up Post

This is the post to wrap up the cycling portion of “The Maine Event.” But remember, just because we now have our truck doesn’t mean that we won’t be cycling. We want to cycle around Acadia Park, do some carriage trails, and more. Plus, Bruce plans to do a single-bike attack on Cadillac Mountain.

Read on to see the numbers and some insights into this trip.

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